1. Mutations and genetic diseases

    Duration: 03.37

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    An explanation of what mutations are and some of their causes.

  2. Nano-bubbles and drug delivery

    Duration: 06.02

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    The development of a drug delivery system using nano-bubbles, magnets and ultrasound.

  3. Nutrient groups and digestion

    Duration: 03.05

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    The way we digest food is defined and the seven main nutrient groups are described.

  4. Organisms and life processes

    Duration: 01.28

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    Cellular organisation is described and the seven life processes are recapped.

  5. Plants as a source of food and medicine

    Duration: 02.37

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    Examples of a variety of plant species and their uses.

  6. Problems as a result of using chemical fertilisers

    Duration: 01.34

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    A news report explaining the environmental impacts of using chemical fertilisers.

  7. Skin - defend and protect

    Duration: 03.04

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    How your skin acts to keep invaders out and water in.

  8. Skin and sweating

    Duration: 03.56

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    A look at the function of sweat to keep us cool.

  9. Structure of the eye

    Duration: 03.59

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    An explanation of the structure of the eye and the specific functions of its parts.

  10. The effects of UV light on our skin

    Duration: 01.06

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    An introduction to UV light and the carcinogenic effects it has on skin.