1. How the brain's pituitary gland controls water concentration of the blood

    Duration: 01.19

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    A description of how parts of the brain control water concentration of the blood.

  2. Human circulation

    Duration: 02.45

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    A journey around the circulatory system, using the example of a baby's first breath.

  3. Human circulatory and digestive system

    Duration: 04.29

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    A look at respiration and a tour around the circulatory system and digestive system.

  4. Human drug trials

    Duration: 05.42

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    A report about human drug trials, illustrating methods of fair testing.

  5. Influence of cultural and genetic factors on skin cancer levels

    Duration: 01.33

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    How Scottish emigrants to Australia develop very high rates of skin cancer.

  6. John Hunter and public engagement in science

    Duration: 06.01

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    Brian Cox on how Hunter pushed boundaries of medicine using corpses from grave-robbing.

  7. Kidney transplant

    Duration: 01.26

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    A look inside an operating theatre where a human kidney transplant is taking place.

  8. Kidneys and their function

    Duration: 01.26

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    A description of human kidney function using a dissected kidney.

  9. Medical use of x-rays and the possible dangers

    Duration: 02.11

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    How x-rays are used in medicine and the possible dangers of their use.

  10. Medical uses of X-rays

    Duration: 04.09

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    A description of the medicinal uses of X-rays.