1. An interview with a mechanical engineer

    Duration: 00.31

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    Interview with a mechanical engineer who explains links between engineering and medicine.

  2. Breathing and circulation

    Duration: 03.03

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    An explanation of the process of breathing and how blood is transported around the body.

  3. Carbohydrates and fibre

    Duration: 02.07

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    The differences between carbohydrates and the need for fibre in a balanced diet.

  4. Cells, tissues and organs

    Duration: 01.37

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    A description, with examples, of the difference between tissues and organs.

  5. Cells, tissues and organs in plants

    Duration: 01.48

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    Specialised cells in plants are organised into tissues, organs and systems.

  6. Components of an animal cell

    Duration: 02.31

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    An animal cell is built showing the role of the membrane, nucleus and cytoplasm.

  7. Coronary heart disease

    Duration: 03.16

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    The symptoms and causes of coronary heart disease.

  8. Cybernetics - the link between man and machine

    Duration: 08.44

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    Rani Price explores the incredible science of cybernetics.

  9. Diabetes - a cure

    Duration: 01.43

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    The history of diabetes and the work of Banting and Best on diabetes.

  10. Digestive enzymes

    Duration: 02.52

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    The roles of different enzymes in digestion are discussed with an overview of digestion.