1. An outsider's view of the Oglala people

    Duration: 04.09

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    Francis Parkman describes his journeys to visit the Oglala people in the 1840s.

  2. Effects of the gold rush in the Dakota Hills on the Lakota Sioux people

    Duration: 03.20

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    The devastating chain of events for the Lakota Sioux people after gold was discovered.

  3. Gold in the Black Hills of Dakota

    Duration: 03.43

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    The impact of the discovery of gold in the Black Hills.

  4. Hardships of the trail west

    Duration: 03.02

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    The hardships faced by the settlers who travelled across America in the 19th century.

  5. Heading for California in the mid-1800s

    Duration: 03.22

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    The experiences of migrants who travelled to get to California in the mid-1800s.

  6. Prospectors come to the Black Hills

    Duration: 02.03

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    The story of the Gordon Party's attempt to mine in the Black Hills and its aftermath.

  7. Settlement of the Plains

    Duration: 02.44

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    How the settlers arriving on the Plains was a momentous event for them and the Indians.

  8. The American settlers head west

    Duration: 03.36

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    The experiences of the settlers, who migrated west across America in the 19th century.

  9. The arduous journey west and the search for water

    Duration: 01.23

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    The hardships of travelling through the American West and the search for water.

  10. Travelling across the Plains

    Duration: 01.19

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    The hardships and dangers facing emigrants setting out across the Plains.