1. Celebrating Shabbat at the synagogue

    Duration: 02.48

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    A Jewish family goes to the synagogue to celebrate Shabbat.

  2. Celebrating Shabbat in a Jewish home

    Duration: 02.41

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    A Jewish family celebrate Shabbat.

  3. Closing of Shabbat

    Duration: 01.09

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    The ceremony of Havdalah which occurs at the end of Shabbat.

  4. Introduction to Shabbat

    Duration: 02.11

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    A family show how they get ready for Shabbat.

  5. Meet a Jewish family

    Duration: 02.47

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    A child introduces her family as well as artefacts and traditions of a Jewish family home.

  6. Shopping for Pesach or Passover

    Duration: 02.17

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    A Jewish family shops for Pesach or Passover.

  7. The Four Questions of Passover

    Duration: 00.37

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    The four questions of Passover are answered.

  8. The story of the Passover

    Duration: 04.32

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    The story of the Passover and the significance of the foods on the Seder Plate at Pesach.

  9. The Torah and Abraham's search for a wife for his son

    Duration: 05.10

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    A description of the five books of the Torah and its importance in the lives of Jews.