1. Designing successful urban parks

    Duration: 05.23

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    Charlie Luxton showcases a number of modern urban parks and discusses their success.

  2. Designing the office workplace

    Duration: 03.22

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    Offices do not have to be drab as shown by this tour of a purpose-built Swindon office.

  3. Environmentally friendly buildings

    Duration: 05.35

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    Tom Dyckhoff showcases three good examples of eco-friendly buildings in the UK.

  4. Environmentally friendly housing developments

    Duration: 04.24

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    Charlotte Smith showcases some cutting edge environmentally friendly housing developments.

  5. Examples of brutalist architecture in England

    Duration: 04.59

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    Architect David Adjaye showcases two examples of brutalist English architecture.

  6. How poor maintenance damages buildings

    Duration: 04.57

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    A report into the damage caused to buildings through poor maintenance and repair.

  7. Modern prefabricated housing

    Duration: 05.08

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    A report about the introduction of modern pre-manufactured (flat pack) housing.

  8. Modern supermarket design

    Duration: 05.35

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    Charlie Luxton showcases a number of modern supermarket designs.

  9. Redeveloping Britain's disused power stations

    Duration: 03.50

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    David Adjaye investigates how our disused power stations are being redeveloped.

  10. Restoration of terraced housing

    Duration: 04.35

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    Government proposal to demolish tens of thousands of terraced homes.