1. A futuristic performing arts centre in Leicester

    Duration: 04.27

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    Does Leicester's futuristic Curve Theatre fit in with the local community?

  2. A modern approach to designing department stores

    Duration: 05.00

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    How department stores are being designed to create an exciting and interesting experience.

  3. A modernistic approach to design at London Zoo

    Duration: 02.55

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    Dan Cruickshank showcases the Grade 1 listed London Zoo penguin pool and gorilla home.

  4. A profile of an architect - Walter Gropius

    Duration: 02.47

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    An introduction to the work of Walter Gropius, the renowned German architect.

  5. Auxetic materials used in protective wear

    Duration: 06.46

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    Learn about auxetic material and how it absorbs impact through its ability to become denser.

  6. Brownfield site development

    Duration: 03.54

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    The plans for turning a 1,000 acre brownfield site in South Wales into a new town.

  7. Business parks on the motorway

    Duration: 01.41

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    Since the 1970s Britain's motorway junctions have developed into thriving business parks.

  8. Designing a school for children with sensory impairment

    Duration: 04.49

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    The design decisions made by architects of a school for children with sensory impairments.

  9. Designing Copenhagen city centre

    Duration: 04.51

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    The first European City of the Year by Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA).

  10. Designing for climate change and rising sea levels

    Duration: 04.28

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    Climate change affects us all, how do designers tackle the problem of rising water levels?