1. A trip to Mecca

    Duration: 02.42

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    Animated story of a boy's trip to Mecca.

  2. Eid-ul-Adah

    Duration: 02.50

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    Preparations for praying at the mosque and visiting friends and family during Eid-ul-Adah.

  3. Friday prayers at the mosque

    Duration: 01.25

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    An explanation about praying at a mosque and how the language for prayers is Arabic.

  4. Hajj

    Duration: 06.07

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    Sara, 11, describes how the pilgrimage has an impact on Muslim people.

  5. Has the Koran changed over the years?

    Duration: 00.47

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    How all Korans are an exact copy of the words revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

  6. How the Koran was put together

    Duration: 01.09

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    After the death of Muhammad, a friend gathered all the verses that had been written.

  7. How the word of Allah was spread

    Duration: 01.36

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    How Muhammad received more revelations, over 23 years, during his time in Arabic cities.

  8. Meet 11 year old Muslim, Sara

    Duration: 01.37

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    A young Muslim girl Sara from London introduces herself, her Muslim faith and her family.

  9. Muhammad and the first Muslims

    Duration: 02.35

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    How the first Islamic community lived according to the teachings of the Koran.

  10. Muhammad, Allah and the Koran

    Duration: 04.15

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    An introduction to what Muhammad (pbuh), Allah and the Koran mean to Muslims.