1. Cantor and the mathematics of infinity

    Duration: 03.06

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    Marcus du Sautoy on Georg Cantor's reasoning as to why there are different infinities.

  2. Eastern maths and the invention of zero and negative numbers

    Duration: 06.30

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    An exploration of Eastern mathematics including zero and negative numbers.

  3. Exploring the 4th dimension

    Duration: 05.32

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    Marcus du Sautoy explains the idea of dimensions to Alan Davies.

  4. How long is a piece of string?

    Duration: 06.52

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    Is it possible to measure the exact length of a piece of string?

  5. Indian mathematicians and discoveries in trigonometry

    Duration: 02.20

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    Marcus du Sautoy visits an ancient Indian observatory.

  6. Isaac Newton and the invention of calculus

    Duration: 03.01

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    A look at the mathematics of motion and the formulation of the differential calculus.

  7. Prime numbers - do they go on for ever?

    Duration: 05.09

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    Marcus du Sautoy shows Euclid's proof that there are an infinite number of prime numbers

  8. The bridges of Konigsberg - topology

    Duration: 03.41

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    The beginnings of the mathematics of topology is explored.

  9. The continuum hypothesis

    Duration: 02.41

    Watch Clip duration: 02.41

    Marcus du Sautoy looks at the continuum hypothesis.