1. Mountain roads in the Pyrenees

    Duration: 02.52

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    Exploring roads in the Pyrenees, including methods of avalanche protection.

  2. Rainfall and flooding around the world

    Duration: 02.33

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    The variations in rainfall across Britain and in different parts of the world.

  3. St Abb’s Head nature reserve

    Duration: 01.33

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    St Abb's Head in the Scottish Borders is a nature reserve with varied wildlife.

  4. Sustainable planting and industry in a forest environment

    Duration: 04.28

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    The environmental disaster of planting a monoculture coniferous forest in Poland.

  5. The causes and effects of river flooding in Britain

    Duration: 04.00

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    Causes and effects of river flooding in Britain, including damage limitation methods.

  6. The formation of caves

    Duration: 01.20

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    An introduction to the formation of caves including stalactites and stalagmites.

  7. The hurricane season in Dominica

    Duration: 04.13

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    A look at the preparations for the hurricane season in Dominica.

  8. The structure of Earth

    Duration: 00.46

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    The different layers that make up the Earth and how a volcano is formed.

  9. Tourism in the Alps

    Duration: 03.45

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    A look around the town of les Deux-Alpes.

  10. Volcanic Scotland

    Duration: 01.57

    Watch Clip duration: 01.57

    Tour guide Tess meets a geologist who explains about East Lothian's volcanic landscape.