1. A Chinese wedding

    Duration: 04.23

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    How the role of women have changed in the Chinese household.

  2. Boating in the Summer Palace, Beijing

    Duration: 02.26

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    Beijing's Summer Palace consists of a lake, pagodas, bridges and a Buddhist temple.

  3. Burial ground of the Ming Emperors

    Duration: 02.43

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    The Ming Tombs are a popular sightseeing spot to the north of Beijing.

  4. Business and work in Beijing

    Duration: 04.09

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    An introduction to some useful vocabulary for work and business.

  5. Chinese New Year

    Duration: 03.09

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    Chinese New Year is the highlight of the year and people spend an entire week celebrating.

  6. Chinese tea culture

    Duration: 04.52

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    An introduction to the history and etiquette of drinking Chinese tea.

  7. Daoism in China

    Duration: 05.12

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    Daoism is China's indigenous religion. We visit a centre of Daoism in Beijing.

  8. Eating out

    Duration: 04.17

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    An introduction to Chinese cuisine and street food.

  9. Family life in Beijing

    Duration: 04.13

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    The members of a family living in Beijing introduce themselves.

  10. Food, markets and new shopping centres in Beijing

    Duration: 04.47

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    Beijing has shops for everyone, from open-air markets to exclusive boutiques.