1. Atacama fog-catching nets

    Duration: 05.00

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    How humans copy nature to find water in the Atacama Desert in Chile.

  2. Elephants looking for water (no narration)

    Duration: 01.59

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    A herd of elephants move across the land to find water.

  3. How a river is formed - streams, tributaries and confluences

    Duration: 02.01

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    How rainfall in the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland travels to Belfast.

  4. How do Mexican families recycle their waste water?

    Duration: 01.50

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    A description of domestic water recycling methods at a house in Mexico.

  5. How do we get electricity from water?

    Duration: 01.20

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    How we get electricity from water through hydro-electricity and wave power.

  6. How does a water wheel work?

    Duration: 02.23

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    Mills and industries grew up near rivers to draw power from the water.

  7. How hydroelectricity plants have changed the landscape

    Duration: 01.59

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    Exploring hydroelectricity plants in Snowdon, North Wales.

  8. Living without water in the Sahara Desert

    Duration: 04.57

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    How humans and animals compete for water during a drought in the Sahara.

  9. Rainfall and flooding around the world

    Duration: 02.33

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    The variations in rainfall across Britain and in different parts of the world.

  10. Rivers and the water cycle

    Duration: 02.21

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    A short demonstration of the water cycle and the journey of a river.