1. Did the Romans invade all of Scotland?

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    Evidence shows that the Romans only successfully occupied the south of Scotland.

  2. How did the Romans go to the toilet?

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    The Romans had communal toilet spaces, sometimes shared by 30 people.

  3. How did the Romans keep clean?

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    A look at how the Romans kept themselves and their clothes clean.

  4. The Battle of Mons Graupius

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    Romans won the battle against Caledonian tribes with better organisation and equipment.

  5. What did the Romans do to relax?

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    The Romans had a range of leisure pursuits, from gladiatorial fights to dice games.

  6. What did the Romans eat?

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    The Romans in Scotland ate a healthy diet, mixing local produce with imported foods.

  7. What toys and games were played in Roman times?

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    Many of the toys and games we enjoy today date from Roman times.

  8. What was education like in Roman times?

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    Only boys from well-off families were educated in Roman times.

  9. Where did the Romans come from?

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    The Roman army was made up of soldiers from a number of places around the Roman Empire.