1. Anti-Irish sentiment in Scotland

    Duration: 00.26

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    An illustration of anti-Irish sentiment in Scotland.

  2. Black people in Britain during the Atlantic slave trade era

    Duration: 06.26

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    An exploration of the lives of black migrants in Britain during the Atlantic slave trade.

  3. David Davies and the Welsh coal industry

    Duration: 04.05

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    Eddie Butler describes the contribution of David Davies to the south Wales coal industry.

  4. Elliot and immigration

    Duration: 09.47

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    The experiences of an immigrant from Ghana in postwar Britain.

  5. Emigration of Scottish fishermen to North America

    Duration: 00.35

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    A review of the emigration of Scots from fishing communities to North America.

  6. Escaping the Nazis as war began (animation)

    Duration: 05.32

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    Holocaust survivor Ruth Rogoff describes her escape from Nazi controlled Prague to London.

  7. Growth of Scottish cities

    Duration: 00.43

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    Brief review of urbanisation of Scotland in the 19th and early 20th century.

  8. Heinz’s story - from Kristallnacht and escape to Britain (animation)

    Duration: 05.16

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    Holocaust survivor Heinz Skyte on life in Nazi Germany and his escape to Leeds.

  9. How crannogs were built

    Duration: 01.26

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    An introduction to crannogs, which are artificial islands found across Ireland.

  10. Italian communities in south Wales during World War Two

    Duration: 04.22

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    Italians from south Wales and the sinking of the Arandora Star in World War Two.