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  1. Why did the people of Germany support the Nazis?

    Duration: 04.59

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    Why did both working class and middle class Germans support the Nazis?

  2. Why the Treaty of Versailles failed

    Duration: 03.28

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    What were the German reactions to the Treaty of Versailles?

  3. Why the Treaty of Versailles was unpopular in Germany

    Duration: 01.16

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    German opinion on the loss of territory and people involved with the Treaty is outlined.

  4. Why was the Hitler Youth so important?

    Duration: 03.51

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    The Hitler Youth movement is seen through the eyes of a member, Henry Metelmann.

  5. Why were the Germans unwilling to support the Weimar Republic?

    Duration: 01.54

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    A lack of democratic tradition in Germany led to problems for the Weimar Republic.

  6. Young people in Nazi Germany

    Duration: 03.04

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    The main youth organisations and changes in the German education system under Nazi rule.