1. A bed and breakfast in the south of France

    Duration: 03.00

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    An interview with a chambre d'hôte owner about the way she communicates with her guests.

  2. A bus trip to Toulon

    Duration: 04.54

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    A visit to Toulon, shopping and sightseeing around the port and city.

  3. A day trip to the port of Toulon

    Duration: 04.29

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    Michael and Isabelle visit the port of Toulon.

  4. A school trip to the Canal du Midi

    Duration: 03.38

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    A school trip to the Canal du Midi.

  5. A visit to the market

    Duration: 03.56

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    Two friends are shopping for a picnic at the market.

  6. A weekend camping

    Duration: 03.36

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    A family prepares to spend the weekend at a campsite.

  7. An evening at the campsite

    Duration: 04.18

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    Michael and Isabelle talk about their holiday and their plans for the future.

  8. Arranging a business meeting

    Duration: 03.26

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    How a formal telephone conversation takes place between different businesses

  9. Asking for directions in Lyon

    Duration: 03.08

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    The Ma France film crew ask for directions to their hotel in Lyon.

  10. Asking for directions in town

    Duration: 02.50

    Watch Clip duration: 02.50

    Practising simple and more complex directions, including asking for hotel car parking.