1. Auxetic materials used in protective wear

    Duration: 06.46

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    Learn about auxetic material and how it absorbs impact through its ability to become denser.

  2. Harnessing living materials for man-made products

    Duration: 06.17

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    How biotechnology led to biodegradable products and materials grown from bacteria.

  3. How does a hover lawnmower work?

    Duration: 03.35

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    An engineer shows us the key components of a hover lawnmower and explains how it works.

  4. How yoghurt is made

    Duration: 04.53

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    Jimmy Doherty visits a factory to see how yoghurt is produced and flavoured.

  5. Inside a medieval castle

    Duration: 10.30

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    An investigation of aspects of the interior design and decoration in a medieval castle.

  6. Product design inspired by nature

    Duration: 03.19

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    An overview of how the study of nature can inspire the design of new products.

  7. Smart textiles inspired by pinecones

    Duration: 05.22

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    Through the study of pinecones, fabrics are developed that respond to the environment.

  8. The development of robot design inspired by nature

    Duration: 07.17

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    The development of new robotics that use pneumatics to create soft limbs.