1. Health and safety in food production

    Duration: 01.53

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    Health and safety in food production, using the production of dough balls as an example.

  2. How chicken kievs can be made cheaply

    Duration: 06.49

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    Jimmy Doherty makes chicken kievs using a home-made meat processing machine.

  3. How chocolate is made shiny

    Duration: 04.28

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    Jimmy Doherty visits a chocolate factory to discover how they make chocolate so shiny.

  4. How cornflakes are produced

    Duration: 07.41

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    Jimmy Doherty reveals the secrets behind supermarket food and makes his own cornflakes.

  5. How frozen oven chips get their crunch

    Duration: 08.29

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    Jimmy Doherty makes his own oven chips using a high-powered spud gun.

  6. How instant noodles are made

    Duration: 08.58

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    Jimmy Doherty tries to work out what makes instant noodles 'instant'.

  7. How is ice-cream kept soft in freezing conditions?

    Duration: 05.33

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    Jimmy Doherty visits an ice cream factory to discover how ice cream is kept soft.

  8. How is sugar refined?

    Duration: 03.33

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    Jimmy Doherty discovers how sugar is refined.

  9. How low fat mayonnaise is made

    Duration: 08.31

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    Jimmy Doherty makes his own low fat mayonnaise.

  10. How marshmallows are made

    Duration: 07.51

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    Jimmy Doherty makes his own marshmallows using gelatine made from pig’s skin and trotters.