1. IT at a magazine publishers

    Duration: 05.24

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    How IT is helping people working on Sugar, to produce a top magazine

  2. IT in the workplace - a dairy farm

    Duration: 05.28

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    A look at a dairy farm which uses state-of-the-art technology.

  3. IT in the workplace - design and construction

    Duration: 06.07

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    A new school is being built. How does IT help in the massively complicated process?

  4. IT in the workplace - fire and rescue service

    Duration: 05.45

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    A look at how IT plays a crucial part in Surrey Fire and Rescue Service's.

  5. IT in the workplace - football club performance analysis

    Duration: 04.10

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    How performance analysts at Manchester City Football Club use IT.

  6. IT in the workplace - football club ticketing

    Duration: 02.44

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    How IT helps Manchester City Football Club with their ticketing and safety systems.

  7. IT in the workplace - the Royal Botanic Gardens database

    Duration: 05.30

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    Trip to the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew to discover how climate control software is used.

  8. IT in the workplace - the Royal Botanic Gardens website

    Duration: 03.33

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    A web producer at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew explains how the website is updated.

  9. Magazine: online

    Duration: 01.52

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    Behind the scenes at Sugarscape the website that accompanies Sugar Magazine.

  10. Production lines

    Duration: 01.10

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    An explanation of the use of robotic arms on a car production line.