1. Communism in East Germany

    Duration: 04.48

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    A look at how the communist government of East Germany controlled its citizens.

  2. Hungary and the Suez Canal in 1956

    Duration: 04.59

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    Dominic Sandbrook explores the events of 1956 and the limits of British power.

  3. Life of Ronald Reagan

    Duration: 02.12

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    The life of Ronald Reagan, US president 1981-1989.

  4. Margaret Thatcher – The Iron Lady

    Duration: 06.57

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    Dominic Sandbrook outlines Dame Margaret Thatcher's role in the Cold War.

  5. Protests against the Vietnam War

    Duration: 03.04

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    A news report about the Grosvenor Square demonstration in London against the Vietnam War.

  6. Ronald Reagan's 'Ash Heap of History' speech in 1982

    Duration: 04.13

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    Dominic Sandbrook explores the impact that Reagan’s 1982 speech had on Cold War policies.

  7. The Atomic Bomb

    Duration: 08.53

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    Andrew Marr explores the development and deployment of the first atomic bomb.

  8. The Cuban Missile Crisis

    Duration: 05.39

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    Dominic Sandbrook examines the Cuban Missile Crisis and its impact on Britain.

  9. The Cultural Revolution

    Duration: 05.54

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    Andrew Marr explores the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

  10. Winston Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech in 1946

    Duration: 06.15

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    Dominic Sandbrook explains the impact and origin of the phrase the ‘Iron Curtain’.