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  1. Accepting Henry VIII's declaration about relics

    Duration: 03.53

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    How relics were declared to be invalid in Henry VIII's new church.

  2. Edward VI attacks the belief in purgatory

    Duration: 03.12

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    King Edward VI, a committed Protestant reformer, attacked Catholic belief in purgatory.

  3. Elizabeth I and the revival of Protestantism

    Duration: 02.30

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    Examining how Elizabeth I made England Protestant again.

  4. How Elizabeth I made the Protestant religion secure in England

    Duration: 02.29

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    How the Spanish Armada and Catholic hostility helped make the Protestant religion secure.

  5. How did the Reformation change church buildings?

    Duration: 03.50

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    Changes to the church in Edward VI's reign and how these changes affected churches.

  6. Interpretations of witchcraft

    Duration: 02.49

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    Are popular interpretations of witchcraft accurate?

  7. Queen Mary I tortures non-Catholics

    Duration: 03.24

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    Mary's policies towards Protestants are explored and motives for her actions are examined.

  8. Queen Mary I's reintroduction of Catholicism

    Duration: 05.07

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    The accession of Mary, the reintroduction of Catholicism in Tudor England and its impact.

  9. The Pilgrimage of Grace

    Duration: 04.21

    Watch Clip duration: 04.21

    The rebellion against Henry VIII's religious changes, known as the Pilgrimage of Grace.

  10. The Reformation and religion in 16th century Britain

    Duration: 01.28

    Watch Clip duration: 01.28

    Why religion was integral to Tudor England life and why the Reformation was so important.