1. How does an electric shaver work?

    Duration: 03.52

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    Braun designers explain how an electric shaver works.

  2. How does planning help the production process?

    Duration: 03.43

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    Rolls Royce use 'just in time', production planning for jet engine manufacture.

  3. How modern materials and technology in Formula One cars reaches road cars

    Duration: 04.58

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    How modern materials and technology from a famous racing car company reaches a road car.

  4. How satellites are created to survive extreme environments

    Duration: 05.47

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    How satellites in space have to endure very hostile extreme space environments.

  5. How satellites are tested

    Duration: 03.39

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    A satellite undergoes extreme physical stresses as it is launched and during its flight.

  6. How smart materials are used in renewable energy solutions

    Duration: 04.50

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    How smart materials help wind turbines to vanish from air traffic control screens.

  7. How to assemble the wing of the world's largest airliner

    Duration: 04.04

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    The production of this revolutionary 30 tonne wing is revealed.

  8. How to test a Superjumbo wing

    Duration: 05.13

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    The Superjumbo wing must flex and twist and undergo stresses and movement in flight

  9. International Space Station engineering

    Duration: 01.49

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    Tim Kopra describes the importance of engineering in the International Space Station.

  10. Maintenance of a jumbo jet

    Duration: 04.43

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    A jumbo jet has a maintenance check every 100 days to ensure it’s airworthy.