1. The four main causes of World War I (subtitled)

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    Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism were causes of World War I.

  2. The Home Front and rationing

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    How the sinking of merchant shipping led to rationing in Britain.

  3. The impact of J R R Tolkien’s experiences in the Somme in 1916

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    How signals officer Tolkien echoed the scenes he witnessed in Thiepval in his writing.

  4. The Imperial scope of a European War

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    Reflection on the global scope of WW1 through the empires of the European nations.

  5. The Indian army and Brighton's Royal Pavilion

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    How wounded soldiers from the Indian Army were treated in a former palace.

  6. The Indian Royal Flying Corps fighter ace

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    The racial barrier breaking service of an Indian fighter pilot in the Royal Flying Corps

  7. The introduction of tanks into WW1 warfare

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    Historian Dan Snow traces the development of tanks and their use in WW1.

  8. The legacy of war literature in shaping perceptions of World War One

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    Thoughts on what the Somme achieved and how literature formed an understanding of the war.

  9. The outbreak of WW1

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    How Britain reacted to the outbreak of war in 1914.

  10. The story of Hedd Wyn

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    Story of Hedd Wyn, World War One poet who won the chair in the 1917 National Eisteddfod.