• Classroom Resources
  1. Russia's involvement in World War I

    Duration: 01.30

    Watch Clip duration: 01.30

    How Tsar Nicholas II tried to maintain rule over the Russian Empire during WWI.

  2. Shell shock and Siegfried Sassoon

    Duration: 05.14

    Watch Clip duration: 05.14

    About shell shock, and how meeting survivors changed the views of poet Siegfried Sassoon.

  3. Suffragettes during World War One

    Duration: 05.05

    Watch Clip duration: 05.05

    Oppressed position of women in pre-war Britain and the suffragette movement.

  4. The Battle of the Somme

    Duration: 03.07

    Watch Clip duration: 03.07

    German and British army veterans recall their experiences of the Battle of the Somme.

  5. The changed post-war position of women in 1918

    Duration: 04.34

    Watch Clip duration: 04.34

    How far the position of women changed in society as a consequence of their war work.

  6. The Chinese Labour Corps in World War One

    Duration: 06.53

    Watch Clip duration: 06.53

    Investigating the least acknowledged contribution of empire troops: Chinese labourers.

  7. The class system in 1914 Britain

    Duration: 04.22

    Watch Clip duration: 04.22

    The class system in Britain in 1914 highlights an unequal distribution of wealth.

  8. The effects of shellshock on WW1 soldiers and doctors

    Duration: 03.45

    Watch Clip duration: 03.45

    A dramatisation of a WW1 doctor describing the effects of shellshock.

  9. The Empire troops of the Great War

    Duration: 02.11

    Watch Clip duration: 02.11

    An Indian and Australian First World War veteran describe their reasons for volunteering.

  10. The end of the Great War in 1918

    Duration: 03.54

    Watch Clip duration: 03.54

    First World War veterans remember how they felt at the end of the war.