• Classroom Resources
  1. A short history of the environment

    Duration: 03.09

    Watch Clip duration: 03.09

    A look at Christian and Hindu views on the environment.

  2. Becoming a Sadhu

    Duration: 02.04

    Watch Clip duration: 02.04

    An introduction to Hindu beliefs about reincarnation and becoming a sadhu.

  3. Celebrating Diwali

    Duration: 02.26

    Watch Clip duration: 02.26

    A colourful introduction to the celebration of Diwali in the UK.

  4. Death in Hinduism

    Duration: 02.30

    Watch Clip duration: 02.30

    Hindu practices and beliefs about death.

  5. Examples of Hindu celebrations

    Duration: 03.27

    Watch Clip duration: 03.27

    Some examples of Hindu celebrations involving food and colour.

  6. Finding a partner - Hinduism

    Duration: 07.12

    Watch Clip duration: 07.12

    Two young British professional women are single, Hindu and looking for a partner.

  7. Hare Krishna in Russia

    Duration: 02.04

    Watch Clip duration: 02.04

    An encounter with Hare Krishna devotees in post-communist Russia.

  8. Hindu Aghoris in India

    Duration: 03.23

    Watch Clip duration: 03.23

    Hindu Aghoris live near cremation sites and meditate upon death and its implications.

  9. Hindu Bishnois in Rajasthan, India

    Duration: 03.12

    Watch Clip duration: 03.12

    The Bishnoi sect of Hinduism believe in the sacredness of the natural world.

  10. Hindu beliefs about Ganesh

    Duration: 02.53

    Watch Clip duration: 02.53

    A Hindu woman tells the story of Ganesh.