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  1. clip art Pre-made images.
  2. data Values, typically letters or numbers.
  3. data logging The act of periodically recording data.
  4. desktop publishing An application that allows text and images to be laid out on a page.
  5. downloading To copy a file from the internet onto your computer or device.
  6. email Electronic mail. A method for sending messages and files to other people.
  7. export To send data out of an application in a file format that can be read by another.
  8. fax Technology used to digitise hard copies of documents, transfer them across the telephone network, and print them on receipt.
  9. import To load a file into a software application from another version or system.
  10. sensor A device that measures a physical quantity and converts it into a signal to be read and interpreted.
  11. software The programs, applications and data in a computer system. Any parts of a computer system that aren't physical.
  12. spreadsheet A piece of software used to manipulate data, often used in modelling.