Identify genre, audience, purpose and style

A girl reading a travel book and a man reading a newspaper as they sit on a bench waiting at a bus stop

Always be clear about the type of writing you are aiming for. Identify four key areas - genre, audience, purpose and style. Who exactly are you writing for and what are you trying to tell them?

  • Genre - what type of text you are writing, eg a magazine article.
  • Audience - who will be reading your text, eg teenagers.
  • Purpose - eg to convince people to do more sport.
  • Style - your chosen writing style, eg informal.

Make notes on these four areas and use them to help plan your writing.

You should also think about:

  • content - what you want to say
  • organisation - how to lay out and structure your writing
  • accuracy - correct spelling and punctuation
  • vocabulary - using interesting words to bring your writing to life