Writing for the web

If you’re commissioned to write an article for a website, you need to think how that form or genre is different to a newspaper or magazine.

Have a look at a few websites. How is the writing laid out? How is it presented?

Unlike books or newspapers, the internet is an interactive medium. This means your audience will be used to using websites that offer video, slideshows, interactive graphics and the opportunity to comment themselves. Users (the audience) expect to interact with what is being presented to them and will not want to stay on one page for a long time. This means you need to be clear in your ideas and layout. Also remember that the web is a personal medium, so you should sound like you're talking directly to someone. Find out what people want to know about and help them to find it. If you do, they'll like your writing and come back to the website for more.

  1. commissioned Something, such as a news article, that has been ordered by someone else.
  2. hypertext A clickable piece of text on a web page that is directed to another page or site.
  3. interactive medium A format that always a two way flow of information.