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  1. biased Holding an opinion that often unfairly supports one argument, eg a football fan thinking that a referee's decision was wrong because it went against their team.
  2. copyrighted material Work protected by copyright law.
  3. email address The address of an email account to which emails are sent. All email addresses are unique.
  4. external storage devices A device for storing files that is not part of the computer. This makes it portable.
  5. IP address A unique address for each computer device on a network.
  6. malware Software that is designed to cause harm or damage to a computer. This includes viruses that might damage files, adware that causes popups, and spyware that collects and shares login details.
  7. mobile applications Applications designed to run on mobile devices. These can be used for creating documents, taking pictures, listening to music, playing games or finding directions.
  8. newsletter A document that is produced regularly to pass on information to people who are interested in a common topic, eg. a school newsletter might include dates of school holidays and school productions. Newsletters are often sent by email.
  9. unauthorised access Using a computer system without permission.