Task 1: presenting

What you need to do

Presenting is about communicating information and adapting your language to meet the needs of a specific audience. So before you do anything you need to have answers to the following questions:

  • What is your presentation going to be about?
  • Who are you presenting to? What kind of language is appropriate for your presentation?

Remember, you will also have to respond to your audience, answering any questions people may have about your presentation.

How to do it

If you are giving a speech, you should choose a topic that interests you. You should research the topic and prepare some visual aids (like a presentation with slides) to help you. You should also be prepared to answer a range of questions.

You should be very clear about the ideas you are presenting. You should also be clear about your feelings and point of view. You then need to think about articulation, body language and content - your voice, body language and the points you are going to make.