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Four Year 6 pupils discover how at the age of just 24, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott won an architectural competition to design the famous red telephone box. Presenter Joe Crowley guides the pupils to investigate the work of the talented and passionate architect who went on to design the Anglican Cathedral in Liverpool. The hunt for clues about Scott's work starts in an architect's office in Liverpool. The children learn that buildings are sometimes designed because the architect has won a competition to decide how the building should look. The children visit the Royal Institute of British Architects which keeps an online archive of many competition entries, including the one which led to the design of the famous K2 red telephone box. The children examine the original documents and use search tools to discover that the designer of the phone box was called Giles Gilbert Scott and he also won a competition to design a new cathedral for Liverpool. The pupils visit the cathedral and in the archives they get to see Scott's original drawings. They learn that the cathedral took more than 60 years to build and it was Scott's lifelong project. The children meet some of Sir Giles's relatives who explain he was a mischievous man and he was always changing his mind about the exact design of the building.
First broadcast:
27 March 2012

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, pupils could design their own paper plane. The teacher could organise a paper plane competition to see which plane could fly the furthest. Perhaps if some of the designs didn’t work then the teacher can facilitate further discussion about how to change the design and then perhaps try a re-flight. Could be useful when: Discussing local buildings of great historical and architectural significance. When exploring how the locality was affected by a significant individual from the past. When discussing the life of Sir Giles Gilbert Scott and why he was significant. When using different sources of information to find out about the past.

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