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Examples of how to measure the area of different objects and places. An archaeologist explains how he measures the area of a site. He explains how some areas are measured in square metres and others in square centimetres. He also demonstrates how he measures irregular shapes. We also see a lady measuring a piece of glass, a carpet and a man measuring a football pitch.
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14 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip can be used in a lesson where pupils are asked to find blocks to fill a designated area. Each pupil could be given a different number which is the area that they need to fill. They could then be provided with a box of blocks or objects with which to do this. Measuring equipment would also need to be provided. After these instructions are given out, the clip would be played in order to show pupils how to measure the area of such objects. This could be done individually or as a group activity where points are given according to completion time.

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