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How to work out which numbers are multiples of three. A class is asked to find a number from a range between 750 and 800 which is a multiple of three. There is also a demonstration of how to find even numbers and how to find a number with a tens digit which is one less than its units digit.
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13 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

A fun game to play to consolidate multiples of three is 'Fizz buzz'. Children sit in a circle counting consecutive numbers, but replacing multiples of three with the word 'fizz' and multiples of ten with the word 'buzz'. If they forget to replace the multiples with words, they are out of the game! A support activity to help children learn the multiples of three is to colour them in on a hundred square. Once pupils are more confident, they could use Venn diagrams to sort numbers into multiples of three, multiples of ten and those that are both.