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At the South Pole, Dave and some penguins explore some addition problems. All the penguins want to get on an iceberg, but so they don’t fall off, they must balance an addition equation.
This clip is from:
Starship, Calculations
First broadcast:
17 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be played to develop further understanding of the number operations and the relationship between them, including inverses. The entertaining penguins balancing on the iceberg are likely to help pupils remain focused. Furthermore, the need for the calculations to balance is well illustrated with the penguins attempting to remain balanced on the iceberg. Five children could be chosen to stand in front of the class and each be given a large piece of paper with either a number, operation (addition sign) or equal sign. The rest of the class could be asked to use the numbers and signs to create a calculation. Once they have recorded this, the children at the front of the class could be asked to put themselves into an order to make a calculation. The children could be asked if there are any alternative ways to write out the calculation eg with the total coming first.