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Hitler's annexation of Czechoslovakia and invasion of Poland in 1939 are explored via commentary and primary footage. Hitler used legal means to annex Czechoslovakia, resulting in the Munich Agreement with Chamberlain as Britain followed its policy of appeasement. Believing Britain was not going to intervene, Hitler made a deal with Stalin to divide Poland under the secret non-aggression pact. In September 1939, Hitler invaded Poland and Britain declared war; World War Two had begun.
Curriculum Bites
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Curriculum Bites, International Relations
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26 January 2012

Classroom Ideas

Students should evaluate the methods used by Hitler to gain land in Eastern Europe. Why was his mix of threat and diplomacy so successful? Assess the British policy of appeasement. It did not work but were there any benefits from it? Students can use the cartoon to investigate the relationship between Hitler and Stalin. Students could suggest what the speech bubbles might say if this were a Nazi propoganda cartoon.