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Rab Wilson relates his use of Scots to his East Ayrshire upbringing and his time working in coal mines. He notes that if you "ask people to write in Scots, they wouldn’t be able to do it." He explains the derivation of the words 'mawdelit' and 'maun dae'. 'Mawdelit' is an unusual word as it specifically means feigning an illness in order to not go to a court appearance. 'Maun Dae' relates to an anecdote about a hammer which is equal to the task in hand.
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20 June 2011

Classroom Ideas

Can be used to raise discussion points about the status and use of dialect Can be used as a starting point when studying idiolect. Students could watch and discuss the clip, focusing on how location can influence aspects of language use. Students could try to identify words and phrases in their own language use that originated in particular places.