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Some students tell us what they collect and others tell us why they go kayaking. They explain why they like to kayak, when they do it, and how difficult it is.
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30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

Could be used in connection with the topic of health and fitness. A class could tick each of the items that are collected - les pins/les porte-clefs/les cartes téléfoniques/les timbres /les boîtes de cigarette/des ours en peluche/les nounours/des cartes-postales/les magazines de surf/les bandes dessinées/des disques – and then pair them up with the English translations that are jumbled up. Next, the class could try to work out what the following further four collectables are: des canards de bain (rubber ducks), des pépins de fruit (fruit pips), les papillons (butterflies) and les pots de chambre (potties). In the section about learning to canoe, the class could reorder the trainer’s instructions into the correct order: restez attentif (3), verifiez les pagales (2), ne vous éloignez pas (4), mettez votre gilet (1). Finally, a class could practise doing the interview with the kayaker; (keywords, “pourquoi………..bon, oui”), then substitute a favourite sport of their own and redo the interview, adapting accordingly.