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At the Panto House, Buttons is forced to do the washing up. The sink is full of dirty pots. Jack and Jill come to the door and want Buttons to fill their bucket with water. Buttons' problem is that the sink is too full to put the bucket under the tap. Jill suggests he fills it with the 1 litre jug. Jack suggests he uses the empty Fizz Wizz Pop bottle. Buttons thinks it would be best to use a mug. The question is, which container will fill the bucket the fastest?
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Classroom Ideas

This clip is useful as a lesson starter. Capacity with conversions needed between millilitres and litres is the key learning. Problem solving in a real life context provides a stimulus for practical activities. There are three differentiated questions that can be paused for the discussion of solutions and could be revisited in the plenary, as well as giving ideas for further investigations and pupil-generated problems.

Watch the clip to introduce the idea of how many jugs it takes to fill the bucket. Ask the pupils what they think the ratio and connection is between the jug and the bucket. How many times bigger is it? Watch the clip all the way through and see how the different amounts are created using the different equipment. Outside, with a variety of buckets, cups or jugs, the children must make every number of litres from 1 to 5, using two pieces of apparatus eg a bucket = 5 litres and a jug = 3 litres. (The children will need to pour out different amounts).

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