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Salford is located in the North West of England. L. S. Lowry came from Salford and the Lowry Art Gallery is a celebration of his work. L. S. Lowry is most famous for painting scenes related to mills and football; 'Going to the Match' is one of his most famous pieces. The Lowry gallery is so big it could hold five football pitches. It is full of different shapes and colours making it visually appealing. The gallery is full of L. S. Lowry's paintings, sketches and even some of his possessions.
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9 January 2008

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, encourage the children to create a script to use as a tour guide for the Lowry Gallery. They can include facts learnt from the clip and also use research materials from other media. Facts about the artists and some of his most famous pieces can also be included. Children can work in small groups to record their scripts either using audio equipment for a walking sound tour or with a video camera.