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Reverend Peter Owen-Jones visits the Daigo Temple in Japan to observe the lives and rituals of the trainee Shingon Buddhist monks. He watches their austere daily routine of mediation and prayer, as they seek to order their lives and minds for enlightenment.
This clip is from:
Australasia and the Pacific Ring of Fire
First broadcast:
2 January 2009

Classroom Ideas

Ensure that students understand the term 'austere'. Discuss what an austere life would be in this country and whether it has any good points. Pupils could jot down any daily routines they have and then compare them with the rest of the class to see how similar they are. The class could look at routines in the school and decide if they help to bring order and calm. Pupils could form small groups and produce reasons why they would like or dislike the Buddhist monk's lifestyle. They might like to think of other ways they could bring calm and order to their own lives. Students could explore the value of ritual and meditation in the lives of these Buddhist monks and reflect on the value of quietness and stillness in their own lives.

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