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An introduction to probability using the example of tossing a coin. An animated character called Bernie wants to buy a cake from Bill but cannot decide which one of the remaining two cakes she would like. Bill suggests she toss a coin and pick either heads or tails to allow the 50:50 chance decision to make up her mind for her. She flips coins of 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p value.
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23 October 2000

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be watched at the start of a lesson on probability to introduce the terms 50:50, probability, chance and so on. Ask the pupils what other coins could be used? What is the total of the coins used in this clip? What would we expect to see if we were to toss a coin 10 times? Would all coins give the same result? Allow the pupils some time to try this out. Each group could toss a different coin and the results could be compared to the pupils' predictions. This work would be a good grounding for moving on to using dice.

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