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Detective Fred Pyall (Derek Martin) interviews burglar Mickey Fielder (Roy Sone). He wants some information from him, which Mickey is initially reluctant to give, until he bargains to have a gun found in his possession left out of any charges brought against him. This extract is from a serial of four dramas screened on BBC Two, following different aspects of the justice system. It was written by Gordon Newman ('Between the Lines', 'Judge John Deed') and produced by Tony Garnett ('Cathy Come Home', 'Dixon of Dock Green', 'This Life').
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8 October 2010

Classroom Ideas

Ask students to identify the genre of the TV programme. How can they tell? What genre conventions are used? What iconography of crime is used? Does this scene appear very different from contemporary TV crime drama? Ask students to note in detail how they can distinguish the detective from the criminal? What aspects of mise-en-scène and language are used to make this clear? How are camera angles and composition of shot used to show the power in the relationship between the two men? Discuss how realistic the scene appears to be. Why is this? What pleasure, or uses and gratifications, would an audience derive from watching this sequence? Does the realism enhance this? Ask students to work in pairs to devise their own interview between a police officer and a criminal. Storyboard how it might be shot, paying attention to the camera angles. Students could then shoot their own police interview.

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