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Carol Ann Duffy explains that the intensity and humanity of the Henry Moore sketch is what drew her to base the poem on it. Many of Duffy's poems are based on ideas of memory and how our physical bodies are ways of remembering our lives.
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16 October 2009

Classroom Ideas

Having listened to Carol Ann Duffy's explanation of the ideas and themes behind the poem, students could analyse it again, picking out the areas she has highlighted and comparing them to their own ideas. Can be used to develop enquiry-based learning when dealing with unfamiliar poetry. Students design a series of questions they would like to ask the poet, or the woman in the poem. Then a panel of three students is chosen (at random) to represent the poet and three to represent the woman in the poem. The audience ask questions and the panels confer, with one of them delivering the answer. Students are taught that the meaning of poems is often fluid, even in the poet's mind and the aim is to develop the confidence to provide your own interpretation, as long as it is firmly based on the text.

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