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Atheist Julian Baggini interviews Christian theologian Alister McGrath about atheism. McGrath describes the importance of keeping an open mind about the big questions of God's existence, whether one is theist or atheist. He explains his view that atheism and religion will have periods of supremacy and periods of decline. He thinks religion is on the rise at the moment. One question he raises is about what people turn to when they face a crisis in life. He sees religion having real value at these points.
This clip is from:
Secular Believers
First broadcast:
29 June 2007

Classroom Ideas

This clip could be used as starter for a debate. Before beginning, each student should write down whether they think atheism or religion will dominate in the future. During the debate students should note arguments they feel are strong on each side along with supporting evidence. At they end, they should write a summary of the debate saying which arguments were strong and why, before drawing their own conclusion, including a comment on whether they have moved from their initial position.

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