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A 60-second sermon in which karate black belt instructor, Neil Hopkins, offers his personal reflection on the saying of Jesus, 'turn the other cheek' (Matthew 5:38-40).
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19 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

Pause the clip before showing it, and ask pupils to speculate about what RE topic it might be about. Define forgiveness by finishing the sentence 'Forgiveness is....' (x6). A good example from a Christian perspective is: 'Forgiveness is letting a prisoner go free, and then realising the prisoner was you.' Rewrite the clip as a monologue from a Christian karate expert. Compare and contrast with the original. Discuss the following questions: Is it possible for Christians to be involved in combat sports, or any sport for that matter? Is Christianity really for the weak? How would a Christian answer that question? How might turning the other cheek in life actually work, and an opponent be disarmed by it? Can you think of another example from your own life of when you have seen this principle work.