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A report following a young boy, Muktar, who is a member of a militia group in the Somali capital. Muktar was found at the age of four beside his dead parents in the bombed out ruins of their house. He was taken in and raised by a militia gang in Mogadishu. Muktar's main job for the Habar Gidir Militia is to collect money from roadblocks set up around the city and we follow him on a typical day.
This clip is from a series, recorded in 2004, about different conflicts around the world.

NB: This clip contains footage of a young boy carrying a gun.
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First broadcast:
16 March 2006

Classroom Ideas

Students compare their lives to that of a Somalian living through this conflict. How would their daily lives be affected and what role would they play in the war? Students could then compare the conflict in Somalia conflicts in other African countries.