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Presenter Bill Oddie and an expert go looking for beetles. They discuss the range of colours of the various beetles, their habitats, and how they feed. In general, beetles will feed on just about anything they come across, including other smaller beetles. Some beetles can follow a slug's slime trail up a tree before catching and eating the slug.
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18 September 2007

Classroom Ideas

After watching the clip, ask: "Where did those beetles like to live? What was the place like?" Encourage the children to describe the beetle's preferred environment, noting the presence of plenty of undergrowth. The children could go on to build 'bug hotels', fixing together bundles of twigs with string or rubber bands. Pupils could put their bundles in various places outdoors: in a flower bed for example, or under a tree, or in a bush. Ask pupils to check their bundles every few days. Have any small creatures moved in to the bug hotels? Are there any beetles? Children will enjoy using magnifying glasses to see their guests clearly. Help pupils identify their finds, using a field guide or online source.