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We are introduced to two boys who tell us what they do to help their family. One of the boys helps his parents at his father's restaurant. We meet his father who is head chef, his mother who takes reservations, and his young brother. We meet another boy who helps his parents at their horseriding school. He introduces his mother and family who teach riding. He then introduces his sister.
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First broadcast:
30 May 2007

Classroom Ideas

The class could watch the clip and try to answer the multiple choice comprehension questions: 1) What day of the week does Olivier help his parents? (Thursday/Friday/Saturday) 2) How old is Olivier? (13/12/11) 3) What is Olivier’s dad called? (Jean-Marc/Jean-Pierre/Jean-Paul) 4) What does Olivier like best to eat? (prawns/salad/cakes) 5) How many people are booking for the restaurant? (3/4/2) 6) On which day does the riding instructor look after small children? (Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday) 7) How old is the little sister who helps too? (8/7/6). Students could find out if anyone in the class helps their parents with a business and interview them in English. They could then write a short article about what they discovered.