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A child asks questions such as "Why is the sky so high?". Relevant illustrations to each question are shown and the adult replies with a wide selection of idioms.
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23 February 1999

Classroom Ideas

After viewing the clip, write the word 'why' on the board. Ask pupils to hunt through a range of story books to find other words that end with 'y' and make a list of all the words they discover. Gather all these lists into a whole-class one on the board. Ask the question: "Does the letter 'y' make the same sound in all these words?" Children should notice that the final sound made by 'y' varies. Together, sort the list into groups that rhyme, to illustrate the various sounds 'y' helps to make at the end of words. You will end up with groups to rhyme with 'fly', 'boy' and 'day'. Make a separate group of words where the final 'y' makes a sound like 'ee', such as 'happy' and 'pretty'.