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A revealing window on the lives of those who lived on or beside Hadrian's Wall. Hundreds of centurial stones recording the work done by units of the army evoke the actual people involved in constructing the wall; they also remind us of the mixed ethnicity of 'Romans' living there. The range of objects recovered from the soil in places like Housesteads and Vindolanda also reflects this ethnic diversity as well as providing an insight into the everyday lives of the people who lived here.
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26 February 2008

Classroom Ideas

Students will find this clip a useful aid in a discussion of the ethnic mix of the ‘Romans’ stationed in Britain at the time. It could also be used to discuss what recovered objects can tell us about the lives of the people who left them behind. How do the artefacts help us to find out that the workers on the wall resembled a 'melting pot' of numerous nationalities? This is the second of four clips about Hadrian's Wall

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